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If you are in need of high quality daycare supplies, then you have come to the right place! Our online site features only the best daycare supplies that are ideal for both home and daycare center use. You can browse through our fantastic portable sink and soft play selections which your little children will love to get their hands on. And, what’s great is that you can avail all these items at discounted prices!

We know clean hands are very important for little children. By having a portable sink, little children can be easily taught to perform hand washing. This is one activity that they should learn early on. By keeping their hands clean at all times, they will stay healthy and be kept away from so many diseases. Little children, at their very young age, don’t understand the existence of germs and bacteria. They can dig their little hands on the ground or smear their hands with paint. Without much care, they can wipe their hands on their clothing and grab a bite of sandwich. But with a portable sink around, the children can wash their hands right away with so much ease. The sink is built within their reach thus promoting not only cleanliness but also independence in your kids.

Play is an exciting activity for the children. But their small young minds don’t care much about safety. Hence, soft play toys and equipment should be given to these little children. With soft cushions to crawl, climb, sit or ride-on, the children can fully enjoy their toys and play area without getting hurt. The soft play toys and equipment also come in wonderful colors that little kids will surely have fun with.